I’ve stated before that I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I’m able to attain notable strides in my programming ability, particularly because that is not my trained profession. Neverthless, today I submitted my first original package to the Arch User Repository (AUR); dnd-tools.

Current Features:

- character generator: can be completely randomized, output is to stdout
- dice roller (any number of sides, any number of dice)
- wild magic effect roller (for sorcerers)
- tarokka (tarrot) card game (from Curse of Strahd)

I’ve maintained serveral packages for a while now, but was only packaging them and inheriting them from upstream. Actually, I simply migrated them from the old AUR to the new one (v4). This time, I am the upstream and said upstream has been built entirely from scratch and by (my) hand.

Quite a while ago I created a python script to create Dungeons & Dragons (5e) characters and submitted it to my scripts repo on GitHub. Previously this required the user to download the script and then tell python to execute it via command line. You also had to reinitiate the script after running a specific function which was inefficient.

The installation process is much more fluid now. Arch users can manually (or via a helper like Yaourt) install the package just like any other native binary; and execute it the same way as well. A simple $ dnd-tools brings up an interactive prompt that is cycled back to after every or any function is run.

The project is open source and I also maintain a repo for the PKGBUILDs for all the packages I maintain so that others can collaborate and make suggestions that way as well.

Planned Features:

 - generate character to output file
  - import character file?
  - loot generator
  - spell sheet?
  - npc generator?
  - random adventure generator?

For Windows users, the script is still avialable in the source code. See instructions for running python script on Windows.

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