We have all heard the tales associated with Tristram. The very mention of its name brings to mind images of undead monstrosities, demonic posession, monarchy driven to lunacy, and of course, the greatest legend of all: the Lord of Terror unleashed. Although many now claim that a peculiar mold upon the bread or perhaps a fouling of the water drove the pupulace mad with visions, more than one have seen too much in their varied travels to dismiss such stories out of hand.

Tristram was once a small, humble town in the center of the Khanduras territory in the world of Sanctuary. In ages past, the great Horadrim wisards battled Diblo and other Prime Evils who took hold in Tristram through the posession of it’s rulers… namely King Leoric and his family.

Many adventurers have been attracted to Tristram, whether it be for the rumored riches within the cathedral or a chance to test their mettle against the monsters that plagued the town. Tristram never recovered for the horrors Diablo inflicted. What is commonly referred to as Tristram now is formally known as “New Tristram”, a settlement that grew up in the not too distant are from the original townsite.

Originally simply a collection of merchants looking to proft on adventurers and travels drawn by legends of riches within the Tristram Cathedral, it slowly set down roots and became an established town. As soon as the cathedral was looted bare, however, the adventuers and travelers stopped coming and New Tristram found itself in decline.

However, rumors and legends still insist that there is more treasure and heroic fame to be had. One need only be brave enough to travel deeper into the crypts beneath the cathedral.

In recent generations, the legends of yore have faded a bit and garnered a reputation as little more than ghost stories and ramblings of looney wisemen. The town, and surorunding areas, seem to have returned to once pious living in hopes diswaying further ill plights from befalling the town. Yet, a recent band of adventures seem to have renewed interst in the adventuring life which, with it, has brought increased prosperity and revenue to the town.

During this time of relative peace, the town has become a hot bed and central point of gathering for adventurers from far and wide to hear and have their tales told and to learn of new opportunities on the horizon.

The town will always be host to dangers due to the company it attracts and it’s history of ill repute. Yet, some feel inspired yet again to test their mettle in the adventureing life, though few residents and passers by know the dangers that lurk beneath the very footbed and foundation of their beloved city and Cathedral.

Notable Residents:



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