Lut Gholein was founded as a large city with good defenses. It is located on a fertile strip of land between the Twin Seas, which has contributed to its prosperity. Its people wear colorful clothing with elaborate styles.

Lut Gholein was once called The Jewel of the Desert as it was a trading hub between the easter and western countries of the Western World. However, Lut Gholein has been no stranger to darker times and a slew of invaders and evil wanderers. One such person was Radament, a mummified Horadric mage posessed by a demon, who was hiding in the city sewers. A battle with Radament eventually lead to the unleashing of Baal himelf within the city walls. However, Baal and his evil forces were defeated by the fierce and legendary warriors of genrations past.

After Caldeum’s unexplained fall from prosperity, prior to it’s pillaging and a portal to They Abyss being opened in the city center, a long standing relationship between the Emporers of Lut Gholein and the Iron Wolves (hitosrically sworn to protect Caldeum) was established.

This lead to the Iron Wolves being more famous as mercenaries and guards for hire, though of good and generally lawful reputation.

Recent Events:

Recently, Emporer Jehryn has taken economic advantage of the turmoil Tristram is famous for as well as the rumors of myriads of evil forces to be battled spewing forth from the, now open, hellmouth in Caldeum. Several commercial merchants have set roots in the city’s bazzar.

Jehryn was saved by a group of adventurers after he was tricked into sending The Iron Wolves to investigate and protect Caldeum once more. Though most of the Iron Wolves met their end, Jehryn maintained a good reputation with the adventures who saved him and allowed the surviving Iron Wolves to join the adventurers’ party so that they may regroup their forces.

Of note, Emporer Jehryn posesses a magic “seeing well” that allows him, once per day, to gaze into a vessel of water drawn from the well and see (all beit one of a potentially limitless number of) a random event of the future. This may explain Lut Gholein’s perserverence in spite of its lesser economic and resource status than Caldeum.


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