Entsteig is a city state in the far western part of the world. Thick, mountainous forests blanket Entsteig, and to get to it, one must pass through the Kokir Forest. The city’s geographic location is somewhat of a marvel as it is well fortified and build into a vast watrfal that dumps into the northern edge of The Gulf of Westmarch.

Historically the town was a kingdom tht pledged its loyalties to the Zakarum faith. However, faithe in the light was mixed with paganistic believes, and its people believe that Sharval Wilds, particularly the Kokir Forest, to be an enchanted place of fey spirits. The people of Entsteig have always believed in heaven and hell, perhaps vefore any other culture in the western world.

Entsteig is located north of the Sharval Wilds and south of the Northern Steppes. Mountains are located in the kingdom’s north. The town’s culture is distinct from the barbarians of the north. Entsteig itself has not produced even a fraction of the military might of Either the barbarians to the north, or of Westmarch to the far south.

Long ago, the town was invaded and captured by a demon horde, however, the demons who had conqured the town were successfully besieged by a human warlord (Aughilid) who became the first king of Entsteig.

In later times the people of entsteig have embraced the teachings of Rakkis and has been the home to many devout paladins. Hoever, the town has also fallen prey to civil wars and plague, leaving the town vulnerable.

Eventually, family lineage of archmages took it upon themselves to protect the city and take its leadership upon them to ensure that it’s strategic fortification could be used by neither good nor evil forces and to ensure protection from both; as well as provide a venue for diplomacy between the north and south.

Recent Events:

The Kokiri Forest, beloved home to many fey ventureing from their home Feywilds to the plane world of Sanctuary, was attacked by a vicious vampire spellcaster. The full intention of the vampire was not known, but were severe enough that Corros, the then Archmage and ruler of Entsteig, held council with both The Deku Tree and the leaders of Stulpe and decided to use the forest temple as a prison for the vampire after their united forces defeated him.

However, it is known that The Deku Tree and several other fey spirits were reuiqred to sacrifice their life forces to fully imprison the vampire inside the temple.

It is also known that the Kokiri Forest was burned to ash by an army of ghouls lead by an Archmage Priest of Lolth and generaled by a spawn of the imprisoned vampire. While the army was not able to free the vampire, they left the forest in ruin.

Corros, was later killed in combat after one of the vampire’s spawn returned with a powerful oni ally and corrupted half-fey ranger. This was the final straw to break the binding magic keeping the vampire spellcaster at bay and he soon took up residence in the town.

The town’s people were forced to obey his cruel rule, however his instructions were simple. To hunt and bring him any fey they find within the forest … alive. Alive, so that he may torture, experiment, and sample their blood.

However, while the vampire was away from the town for an unknown reason, his guards, spawn, and ranger were defeated by a band of adventures. The adventures then provided seveal warding spells to the archmage’s keep and offered to provide protection to the people of the town in exchange for catering to the etablishment of their guild in the town.



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