Caldeum was once the greatest city in the entire Kehijistan empire and the trade capitol of the western world, perhaps all of Sanctuary. Famous mages and scholars alike once heralded from Caldeum. Even through the Mage Clan Wars, battles were never tolerated to affect trade in Caldeum. Politics and trade have traditionally always been imporatnt in Caldeum, though never as much as trade.

Only two leaders have ever been confirmed to have ruled Caldeum, and of them only one brought the city to glory. Emporer Hakan I established and worke dwith the Iron Wolves to root out evil and ocrruption within the city. Hakan I fell ill and died, leading to his son, Hakan II taking power at the age of 10.

Emporer Hakan II was infamous for “running the empire to ruin” as many saw him as “weak and unfit for power” and allowing many of his council members to become corrupt. This corruption lead to the invasion of the great evil, Belial, which took over the entire city. The city was eventually saved by a band of adventurers, though the it never quite returned to its former glory.

Recent Events:

In recent times, Caldeum has never returned to its metroplitan trade center roots. Rather it has remained somewhat ad hoc collection of merchants telling ghost stories of the remanats of the city’s sprawling halls and towers.

Of note, a drow mage priest lead a fierce army of ghouls to pillage what remained of the city. High upon a central tower, the mage attempted to open a portal to The Abyss in an attempt to unify the powers of Myrkul and Lolth.

An alliance of adventurers, along with a handful of surviving Iron Wolves, attempted to stop the mage. However, the sacrificial process had long since been set in motion and the party was only partially successful in halting the process.

A small portal to They Abyss was in fact opened, however a spectre of Myrkul appeared and, rather than grant the mage eternal life (as he had hoped) Myrkul let the mage know that the gods had conspired against his treachery (worhiping between them) and cast the mage down into the depths of The Abyss.

Caldeum has since remained somewhat of a ghost town and has been the topic of much debate among the paladins and monks of the land as their lawful and good natures assuradley will not permit an open gateway to a chaotic and evil plane for long.


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