~ 10 Years before present day

Digoria wakes from her rest, Chuck (her Pseudodragon) still keeping a careful watch, and recalls a vivid dream she had about the last encounter she had with the drow mage Ellion Stryfe and vampire spwan Phage Elung. She feels stronger and more aware of her surrondings as if her dream brought about an entire adventure of it’s own to increase experience and attributes.

Continuing down the cave system, she comes to a large cavern containing three locked doors. Mistaken, she opens one and is attacked by two hell hounds! With much tact she is able to narrowly evade most attacks, Chuck aiding in the combat. Fortunately, the hell hounds are wearing some sort of metal collar with a short chain affixed. This provides a much needed advantage to Digoria’s lightning-based attacks. Though the hell hounds have been defeated, she is, again, in much need of a rest to dress and heal her wounds. Perhaps just a short nap…

After waking and feeling replenished Digoria approaches one of the two remaining wood doors. Just before pulling the handle of one, the senses an intuative message from Chuck. He senses danger behind the door, barking he says. “Best to play it safe sometimes…”, Digoria says out loud. The other door it is.

Upon grasping the hand she is surprised to find it unlocked. Perhaps more startling though is that the metal handle is very, very cold. Pulling open the heavy wood door reveals a lavisly addorned wooden cabin-like room. Elaborate carvings of battles between all sorts of strange creatures cover every foot of the room’s floor, ceiling, and walls.

The room continues to get colder, but there’s bright light shining from across the other side of the room. The longer Digoria looks at the light and the closer she comes to it’s source, the more the entire room appears to brighten. It also appears to have grown several times larger. A figure begins to take from whilst the light as now at a near blinding intensity. It is a wraith!

As Digoria is a bit stunned by the monster’s appearance, Giddeon errupts from the background to knock back the creature! A fierce duel of sorcery and wizardry ensuse. There are shadows, fire, ice, and lightning magic projectiles flying through the air amid the clashing of sword and staff.

The battle is long and enduring. Digoria and Giddeon are able to hold their own, but they tire whereas the undead spectre’s stamina is endless. Fortunately, the griffon they spared earlier forces it’s way through the door, breaking part of the wall. With the aid of the great best, the wraith is brought to it’s knees.

Giddeon tells Digoria that the wraith was once a powerful ligtning mage who, since her death has haunted these caverns and the surrounding areas. In fact, she is a contagion to all the land. However, he suspects that this is not the creature responsible for the seemingly endless (or longer and longer growing) winters that have come to these mountains where Giddeon lives. He states that it would take a much more powerful spell… or presence to manage that. “There is only one way to find out”, Digoria says as she readies a chromatic orb and walks within point blank range of the wraith.

Giddeon:  Wait!

Digoria:  (pauses)

Giddeon:  We can banaish the spirit back to the ethereal realms, we can 
follow it back to whomever has kept her in this pla...

Digoria:  (an icy explosion cuts off Giddeon) ...the creature is dead...  

Giddeon:  What have you done?  Your thirst for blood has become 
dangerous.  Take care not to be consumed by the magic of the shadow 

Digoria:  What do you care?  Your mountain has been rid of the presence 
that haunts it...

Giddeon:  Fool!  Look around you?  Do you see or feel a change in 
climate?  Nothing!  Nothing has been accomplished!

Chuck, Digoria’s Pseudodragon, chimes to her telepathically…

Digoria:  You have always held back... and we have always had a bit 
different set of ideals... my old master!

Giddeon:  Excuse me?

Digoria:  Did you think I wouldn't find out?  There are only a few 
spellcasters in this world that can manage a youthful appearance as well 
as you Arthur.

Giddeon:  (smirking)  You always were a clever one.  It wasn't my 
intention to keep my identity concealed from you.  I had to be certain 
what effects your time with Phage and Ellion had had on you.  Lest I may 
have to battle you myself.

Digoria:  I'm relieved to see you, but skeptical of your motives... you 
seem... 'different' than I remember.

Arthur:  (cringes in pain) (voice changes)  Digoria!  We only have a 
short time.  The Necro... (cringes again)  I didn't survive the duel 
against Ellion.  I was risen from the dea... (yells and falls to a knee) 
My body... not mine... magic... only strong enough (breathing heavily) 
to communicate through undead corpse for a little.... (errie change in 

Giddeon (persona):  So, young tiefling you wish to take rank over your 
old master?  Well, you will have to earn your stripes the old fashioned 
way!  (fires magic missile).

Digoria:  (grinning widley as she gets up from being knocked to the 
ground) "Tell me, Arthur, or Giddeon, or whoever you are now... have 
you ever wondered if I've become stronger than you?"

Giddeon:  (with a growing smirk)  No... I have not...

A battle so violent ensuse that the griffon fleas the area and Check takes safety amid the rafters. Stone melts from the intesity of Giddeon’s attacks and ice coats the walls whilst thunger and lightning shake the whole of the caverns.

The two mages appear evenly matched. While Giddeon has decades or more in experience over Digoria, she compensates for with agility and tencaity.
Giddeon’s aging body (youthful as it may appear) is not as agile or ferverous in combat as it once was. So, it would seem that fate may intervene and decide the outcome of this battle.

Howevever fierce Digoria’s combat style may be, she lacks strategy and eventually falls before the Giddeon. As Giddeon is about to strike a fatal blow with his staff the source of the light in the room erupts to it’s full capacity. A riff, it seems has torn open beyond worlds and between realms. But wait! A figure, appears on the other side and seems to be approaching!

Arthur, summoning the last of his magic from what remains of his ‘force ghost’ takes control of his reanimated (and posessed) body – apparently recognizing the presence though it still remains a shadow to the naked eye. He beckons “You shall not pass!”

He attempts to slam his staff to the ground and cast a mighty spell, but before it can make contact; with a mere wave of it’s hand from across the room, the strange figure knocks Arthur against back wall of the room and renders him unconscious. The room is getting… colder! In fact, it’s now… snowing? The cold and the snow seem to be coming from the other side of the portal, wher the figure is standing but has not crossed yet.

The figure fires a mighty beam of energy that critically hits Arthur. There is enormous explosion of energy. Arthur… and his body… appear to have been incinerated by the blast. But, the figure is now standing on the wood room’s side of the portal. The figure’s image becomes more clear to Digoria. It’s a woman. She’s beautiful… and extremely tall… perhaps ten feet or more in height.

Digoria tries to conceal the shock and horror from her face as she recognizes the mythical woman as Jadis, The White Witch and Goddess of Charn!

As fate would have it, the Goddess has an offer for Digoria, and much to tell:

Jadis:  You know who I am...

Digoria:  I've read about you... in fairytales and such.

Jadis:  Prophecy!  Not mere children's stories!

Digoria:  Yes, yes... I've heard of you, of course then.

Jadis:  At this particular place, with the combined energies of your 
former master, the energy he was channeling, the wraith of the mage you 
slaid, and yourself... a unique weakness in the veil between world was 
created.  Enough that I could project an apparition of myself and even 
cast a few 'minor' spells between realms.  The death of your master, as 
expected, created a shockwave that has briefly ruptured the barrier 
between relams.  Apparently he was quite valuable to the multiverse.

Digoria:  (listening intently)

Jadis:  After the end of all worlds in my realm Aslan 
condemned me to eternity in Charn.  However, from eternity I've gained 
near limitless perception of worlds.  The drow mage you once knew, he is 
trying to raise a vampire lord from The Great Beyond in order to appease 
and gain power from Cain, The Necromancer.  Cain, my sources tell me, is 
planning to ally with Tash, who, even here in eternity, is disgusting 
and vile and must be stopped.

Digoria:  I assume you've come here with a purpose then?

Jadis:  Infant!  Let me speak! (pauses) As much as I'd love to battle 
Tash for eternity, I'd revel much more in centuries of his plotting 
spoiled.  However, to do that I need a vessel, a vessel that can 
transport me fully between realms.  You know of, and, in fact have 
captained, such a vessel.

Digoria:  The Entropy Tide...

Jadis:  Indeed.

Digoria:  Well, you see Ellion is still in posession of the.. uh... correction, 
'my' ship.  Unless you can help me kill a drow mage, then...

Jadis:  Exactly...  

Digoria:  Uh... (gulps) Pardon?

Jadis:  Do you think that anyone can don the Mempo of Twilight and 
captain such a ship?  (scoffs)  You are unique and powerful child.  Why 
is it, do you think, that the great Ellion Stryfe could not even captain 
such a vessel himself?

Digoria:  valid point...

Jadis:  The sword you carry... while you facny it, it is little more 
a prop.  I shall teach you the art of swordplay so that you can defeat 
the drow mage and bring The Entorpy Tide to me.  By the way, stop using 
that rediculous moniker 'Ice Queen from Under the Mountain.'  All 
eternity knows that I alone and THE white witch.

Digoria:  So you want me to steal an inter-real, undead pirate ship 
with a drow mage so that the two evil gods can wage eternal warfare in 
the beyonds of their world?

Jadis:  Do not mock me mortal!

Digoria:  (smugly) I'm not the one asking favors...

Jadis:  (bluntly)  What say you to my offer.  Which, if you refuse, I 
shall smite you such that not even a force presence remains in The 
Great Beyond.

Digoria:  Well, since you put it that way... I'd be happy to oblige.

Jadis:  Delightful!  We can meet in this chamber when you wish, simply 
open the wardrobe from which the light in the room eminates.  Oh, and 
tiefling... do not dare steal nor disappoint a Goddess of Revenge.

LEGENDS from spirits of The Great Beyond state that Jadis was able to communicate with and train Digoria for many years. Then, indeed, Digoria was sent forth to once again captain The Entropy Tide. Cooperating with a goddess is not without it’s immediate pay offs either as Digoria was granted an extremely rare pair of Ice Breaker boots and crafted themselves in world of Charn.

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