The Massacre of Abenel

~ 10 years before present day

Phage Elung came down from the hills with every inention of brining hell and horror to the (mostly) calm and quiet people of Abenel. She tried to trick two guards outside the town gate to let her in under the guise of being a weary traveler. They are not foold and attack. Phage makes short work of them and rips the lock offf the gate with the aid of her Gauntlets of Ogre Power.

Four unfortunate commoners are stunned by the vampire spawn standing before them. Two of them are killed before they can utter a sound. The second two make feeble attempts to attack, but don’t last long against The Untouchable. Two guards charge at Phage from down the street. A third ambushes her from an alley behind. There are some decent hits landed. but Phate insta-kills one guard with a fierce bite, bathing all parties in blood. The reamining two guards present some resistance, but they cannot match the stamina of Phage’s regenerative prowess.

Near the center of the town two knights are protecting the town’s Noble.
There are a lot of sloppy and deflected hits. The knights’ tough armor is resistant to Phage’s claws. Phage is covered in grievous wounds but heals quickly. Eventually Phage tires of not getting through the Knights’ armor, grapples with one, picks him up, and throws him against a brick wall. Phage tries to throw a medium cart at the other knight, but the wheel breaks off and she throws that instead. The first knight charges back since the second hasn’t landed a single hit yet. However, a critical hit from a bite leads to the first knight having his head ripped off.

At the gory scene of his comrade’s death, the second Knight enters a rage and lands several devastating blows nearly bringing Phage to half life.
However, Phage is able to grapple with and throw the second Knight. He is stunned and misses on his next few attacks. Phage is calmly able to pick up the nearby cart and smashes it over the second Knight. Phage initially has no intention of killing the Noble, rather she wants to taste his terror and leave him to bask in the desecration of his people. However, the Noble’s constitution checks to Phage’s intimidating charisma and he stands proud for his people. He provides little resistance to a single bite from Phage.

Shortly after, the remaining residents of Abenel come out to the streets since the ruckus has settled. They gaze upon a blood bath and look out to their harbor and notice a ship; and nearing their shore, a storm mage walking on water.

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