Balfador Bombador was a bit of an obscure HIll Dwarf. He never seemed to stay in one place for long. While he was generally a kind-hearted spirit, a few specific loves seemed to drive his life: cigars, money, and the thrill of the chase.

He had worked in the mountains for some time and years of mining had left him hard of hearing. However, his eyesight and other senses became very keen.

Balfador wasn’t the typical strength-based dwarf you might expect, or the stealth-based rogue either. Rather he is sharp and perceptive, but by no means subtle.

Into the Fold:

Balfador enters a saloon in the foothill town of Cellan. It is dirty and it appears to be a hotbed of small-time crooks, criminals, gamblers, and thieves. Balfador enters the saloon, his hood dripping fromt he heavy rain, and see’s a greeter (commoner) across the room standing next to a door. The commoner seems sleezy and his sale’s pitch is unappealing to Balfador, however, Balfador follows him through the door where there is another commoner behind the bar and two others playing dice at a table.

Balfador lights a cigar and approaches the dice players, sizing them up along the way. He doesn’t notice anything particularly dangerous or odd about them other than a sizeable money pouch on the rear hib of the furthest commoner.

The two grit their teeth for a minute before deciding to attempt to hustle Balfador in a game of Odd-or-Even. After losing nearly 40 gp over 5 turns in a row, Balfador begins to get frustrated. He puffs fervently on his cigar, calmly draws his shortsword and “asks” the far commoner to empty his coin pouch.

The crooks protest, so Balfador rests his cigar on the table and attacks! After a moderate scuffle, the two commoners are incapacitated and Balfador’s keen perception paid off as he discovered several sets of rigged dice. He decides to finish his cigar while resting at the bar. The other patrons don’t appear in the mood to say otherwise.

Balfador talks to the bartender, who says his name is Elligh, and asks him if “there is anything but booze being bought or sold in this establishment?” Eligh dismisses the greeter back to his post (as a lookout). “I’m always looking to make a profit” says Elligh, who presses a button under the bar which causes the liquor shelf to turn 180’; revealing an assortment of used (and fairly crude, though workable) equipment and tools.

Elight says, in a swarmy voice, “They’re a little lood stained, but if you’re shopping here then I suspect you’re no foreigner to the criminal life.” Balfador is able to disband of much of his unneeded equipment and trade it to complete his Breaching Tool Set. While balfador is leaving, Elligh asks, “Not that it’s any of my business, but what are you planning to do wtih all of that?”

Balfador rubs out his cigar and says; “The Nobles that were robbed last week… I’m going to get their money.” “You mean retrieve it for them?” Elligh asks. Balfador replies “I’m going to find the theives and take the money. I didn’t say anything about giving it back. By the way, I’ll take that studded leather armor you’ve got hanging back there.”

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