~ 10 Years before present day

Gideon wakes Digoria and tells her they have “a long day ahead”. Derek stays sleeping and Digoria notices that Gideon looks decades younger and has a glimmering aura about him. Gideon and Digoria set out further up the mountain in search of “a monster that keeps winter over the mountain.” The two come to a castle belonging to “a thousand year old story (lightning) mage” and encoutner two Gargoyles.

Gideon lets Digoria fend for herself against one, tells her to be careful, and suggest she’s young and impotent; she kills the gargoyle with four ice bullets and smugly says, “Just when I thought I couldn’t get any better!” Gideon kills the other with a vicious fire palm.

Inside they encounter a Griffin. After a tough fight, the griffin retreats to it’s nest in defeat. Gideon convinces Digoria to let the griffin live as “they are know to bear gifts.” As Digoria and Gideon are leaving the castle, Gideon decides to rest and meditate and tells Digoria to continue onward. Digoria comes to a dark, rotting, stinking careve and investigates inside. It is very dim and she needs to feel her way around ab it.

She comes to a fork in the cave and notices the glow of a fire to the right and sounds of scurrying animals on the left. She decides to go towards the fire. Suddenly, a swining axe trap is triggered! It misses, but takes some hair with it. As Digoria gets closer to the fire, she notices it “smells normal”, but there’s a putrid we-laundry smell in the room. She waltzes in, but ready with caution.

Four goblins are getting angry around the fire.. they’re sloppy fighters. Their arrows can’t contest with Digoria’s skill and her precise Rays of Frost easily lay waste to them, leaving several splattered remains in her wake. Digoria takes a short rest and heads back for the other passageway.

Inside the other passageway she finds another large cavern with several animals inside. In one corner of the cavern, there is a Goblin Boss prodding at some bird-like animal in a cage. Digoria sneak atacks the Goblin Boss with a Chromatic Orb which sticks in his chest. An additional Ray of Frost attck “pops the Goblin like a zit.”

A small, white, pseudo dragon is found in the cage and freed by Digoria. A telepathic bond is immediately formed and the animal lets Digoria know that she will be able to sense him up to one mile away and that he can also grant her resistance to magic within fifteen feet. Digoria fondly names the dragon “Chuck.”
Digoria lays down for a long rest. As her eyes fall, her mind drifts to a time and place long since forgotten. Perhaps the spirits will awaken something potent from the past while Digoria’s new friend keeps watch.

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