~10 years before present day

Late at night when the candle burn low Giddeon has asked Digoria what has brought her (and Derek) to him:

“… Mostly fate I suppose. I was exiled from the town at the base of the mountain. Treason, they said, was my crime. I’ve never belonged anywhere anyway. Dangerous and reckless, a loose cannon, that is my reputation and it is sure to be my legacy as well. Though in truth, I’m not sure what brings that about in me. I was found guilty of conspiring with spies sent from another king. I was their captive, exploited for my abilities.

However, the night I was taken into custody by the villagers I was in the midst of a rebellion against the spies. They’re criminals and lowly filth. I have no allegiance, though my favor can be bought… if I’m in the mood. Anyway, I was caught trying to escape the spies while we were at sea in the harbor. I was raised and trained to be proficient in all forms of combat.

You see, a young tiefling has to be able to defend herself against the rot of the world – wrought by her race as well as others – that surely conspires with fate to drag her into it. One of the spies struck me in the head and I felt a pinching sting followed by a swelling rage inside of me. The next thing I remember is waking up in the village’s prison.

Eye witness accounts say that there was a tremendous ice storm that suddenly appeared amid the harbor upon a small boat. They said it was like a hurricane, but spherical in shape. The winds, they said, rivaled any blizzard and the only distinguishable feature was what appeared to be the bright glowing green eyes of someone at the center of the storm… I suppose that was me. What of the spies you ask? Frozen solid and shattered like porcelain dolls by the wrath of the storm.

Apparently I … err… the storm approached the shore and as it made landfall suddenly withdrew it’s fury and ceased; leaving me an unconscious heap. The villagers must have perceived me as some sort of threat or herald of destruction sent by one of the magistrate’s enemies.

… My friend over there? He’s mostly harmless I think… a skilled warrior, though a bit of a whimsical dolt sometimes. He appears to be a noble soul and loyal to the will of justice. I appreciate his company and spirit of levity. i always want to laugh more, decry fate, and embrace the wonder and excitement of chaos… true chance.”

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