~ 10 years before present day

In a heavily forested mountain area, Digoria Antica is bound and brought before a magistrage and an angry mob. She is exiled from the town for treason and conspiracy against the magistrate.

Thus, she begins a journey towards the mountain top. She sees smoke coming from somewhere high above and puruses it’s roots. Along the way she kills a wolf, but the 6 skeletons she encouters prove more troublesome.

A Paladin Elf, named Derek, comes to her aid. Together the kill off the skeletons, two by Derek and 4 by Digoria. Most notably, the final skeleton was killed by Digoria’s Ray of Frost attack that propelled Derek’s shield to decapitate the skeleton.

Derek and Digoria also kill a brown bear while continuing up the mountain. They find a cabin, the source of the smoke, that is owned by an old looking mage who invites them in to stay the night.

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