~ 15 - 20 years before present day

Digoria and Phage set sail aboard the Entropy Tide with a crew of 20 skeletons, headed for the Northern Highlands town of Heythorp. With insight from Ellion, they approach a harbor to the northeast of the town where they’re told an encampment of Orcs lies. The Orcs, Ellion says, have gotten lazy and sit idle watching the town. Phage and Digoria are sent to rally the Orcs to attack the town and “send a memorable message”, or “teach the Orcs a lesson if need be.” Well past nightfall, the Entorpy Tide rests idle in the bay of an orc encampment. The crew plus Digoria and Phage carefully watch the nearest vessel, a barge (appearing to be empty), as well as two guard ships (appearing to contain about 20 guards each). Then, about 300 yards away is the shore and the gate to the encampment.

Phage suggests a blatant ravaging of the ships in the harbor. Digoria, however, suggests a more tactful approach. As captain of the ship, she orders Phage to stay aboard while Digoria takes half the ship’s crew (10 skeletons) to the encampment. Using her water breating spell Digoria allows the crew and herself to steathily walk on the floor of the bay, underwater, avoiding contact with the other ships.

Thanks to the cover of dark the vision from the guard ships is obscured and Digoria rises to the surface. There, she stands (thanks to the ring given to her by Ellion) and captures the attention of two orc guards at the encampment gate. The guards shout some obsenities and are easily distracted. They never see the ambush from the skeleton crew coming.

Then, Digoria blasts the gate open with a mighty thunderwave. Fortunately, the guard ships in the harbor are far enough away that this raises little more than an eyebrow. As this obviously draws the attention of the 10 orcs within the encampment, the skeleton crew eagerly engages them in combat. Digoria, quickly scans the area, looking for the leader of the group.

Thanks to the orcs being occupied by the skeleton crew, Digoria is free to search the camps tents. She finds little of interest, but is able to catch a fleeting glimpse of the back door of then encampment’s fence closing. She rushes to the door and, much to her surprise, finds it unlocks. Someone is expecting her…

There she finds the orc captain Quiora waiting with one of Heythorp’s nobles bound and badly beaten… but alive.

Quiora:  (chuckles)  Do you smell that?  Blood in the air...

Digoria:  Your orcs fight well enough.. for skeletons that is.

Quiora:  No, (sniffs) that is human blood.  Your ally, the vampire spawn, she seems 
to have taken it upon herslef to attack the guard ships in your absence.  The 
guards buy the way, were from Heythorp.  Planning to pay ransom for their noble.

Digoria:  (cringes, and under her breath) ...damn...

Quiora:  Looks like you have a choice to make storm-mage.  Will you save this 
noble?  Or will you be consumed by your hate for the vampire?

Digoria:  What if I choose neither?

Quiora:  Then all will die. (roars) and the fate of Hethorp will be on your hands 
as tomorrow we lay seige.  

Digoria:  But, Ellion...

Quiora:  He lied!  The town has seen your ship.  Your reputation has not left these 
realms.  Ice Queen from Under the Mountain!  Captain of the Entropy Tide!  Ally to 
a vampire spawn and allegiant to a drow mage...

As if fate were flip a coin, Digoria looks intently at the quibbling noble, then at the grinning orc captain readying himself for combat. Digoria smirks as a firm magic missile starts the skirmish. Quiora charges within range as Digoria lands another magic missile lands! Quioria’s greatsword is evaded by the nimble tiefling and she strikes with an advantaged shocking grasp.

Quiroa roars in pain and retaliates with a stern swing of his greatsword. Digoria, thinking tactically, knocks Quiora back with a thunderwave and causing notable damage. Quiora charges back in a furry causing miss from Quiora’s ray of frost. Blinded by rage, Quiora’s greatsword misses it’s mark again.

Trying to strategize again Digoria slows Quiora with a firm ray of frost, however, the orc warlord’s furry allows him to land a heavy blow from his greatsword. Digoria takes the opporutnity to move out of range and further slow Quioria with her ray of frost spell. Quioria tries to close the distance, but is all but frozen still by another ray of frost. Casually, Digoria waves her hand, summoning a chill touch that near-fatally crystalizes the orc war chief.

As Digoria begins to walk back towards the encampment the noble shouts and snivells.

Noble:  Hey!  Hey you!  What are you doing?  Aren't you going to rescue me?!

Digoria:  Why would I do that?  Your town is already at my mercy?

Noble:  I.. I'll pay you, what.. whatever you want!

(another 'coin flip of fate')

Digoria:  (taking a torch from the encampment wall and placing under the frozen 
Quiora.. presumably thawing him) "I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you."

Digoria casually walks back to the encampment in spite of the noble’s cries and pleas. She walks through the battling encampment, she calls off her skeleton army once safely reching the entrance of the camp.

Digoria stares out at the bay and watches flaming ships. She senses Phage watching her from the barge. Casually, Digoria walks across water the water with skeletons (underneath) in tow. Upon Digoria’s return to the Entropy Tide, all skeletons come to her command.

Digoria and Phage stare at eachother intently. Digoria knows she is weak and severely wounded from the fight with Quiora. As Phage is about to leap from the (now much nearer) barge back to the Entropy Tide and troll (apprently once caged and freed by the fires) bursts through the deck of the barge! With Phage’s attention occupied by the troll, Digoria commands the skeleton crew to set sail! Phage screaches and hisses, daring not to swim in the water (acidic to her unholy skin) and not exactly thrilled about isolated close combat with a troll. Her fate remains to be told…

As Digoria sails to the port of Heythorp, she finds the town under attack and over ridden with an army of 100 ghouls. All of which are chanting *“Hail Digoria! Ice Queen from Under the Mountain! The Captain of The Entropy Tide is coming!”

Digoria turns to depart and is startled to see Ellion Stryfe standing in front of her. Accusing her of attempting to run away with his ship and betray him by not executing the townspeople, he damands that she return her Ring of Water Walking, The Mempo of Twilight, as well as surrender her weapons. Looking around and seeing herself surrounded by an superior mage in addition to 100 ghouls she obliges.

Ellion:  (as Digoria begins to walk away)  Hate... it grows in you.

Digoria:  Today... you live.  Someday you'll die... and I will be there.

Ellion:  Regardless of my Phate, you and Phage are destined to dance forever.

Digoria:  I don't care if the world burns, I've always had to look out for myself 

Ellion:  You try so hard to be indifferent, yet elate in boundless battle... 
the eternal struggle.  Yet, the polarity of good and evil breeds your rage.

Digoria:  Ellion... shut up.  It's easy to talk shit with 100 ghouls at your back.  
When I come back for my ship, there will be only one mage worthy to captain 
The Entropy Tide.

Ellion:  (smiling) Truly... you have no idea what you've set in motion.

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