~ 15 - 20 years before present day

Digoria awakens wear and in pain, but alive nonetheless. Known more for her with than perception, Digoria is able to focus at this curcial time of observation.
She is in a great hall and that Ellion is sitting on a throne across the room from her. The room appears empty, but there are doorways on each of the walss adjacent to her. She also notices a shadowy figure standing in one of the doorways. Her sickle is stowed behind Ellion’s throne. Ellion notices she has awoken and compliments her on her strenghts as a mage and a warrior and concludes that, “It appears chaos has blown at the back of strife and in the face of elation on this day” – referring to his triumph over Arthur.

Digoria notices the shadow in the doorway has moved to an unknown location. Ellion makes the otrches on the walls flicker and identifies that the burning smell in the air is the stench of the scorching of souls lost, captured, and brought to his dark domain. Suddnely, Phage jumps from the ceiling and attacks digoria.
Digoria lacks the strenght and dexterity to resist having her hands and feet shackled. Phage stands and Ellion chuckles as Digoria looks in disbelief then shouts in disbelief; “I watched you die hell bitch!”

Phage reveals that her mother was a Night Hag and with the aid of her Hearthstone she can dissipate into the ethereal realm. Ellion tells Digoria that she can die, or join Phage on a “special quest” after “getting warmed up.” Having no allegiance to good or evil and wishing very much to stay allive, Digoria obliges the request. Phage drags Digoria to the other doorway and pushes her into it. A trap is triggered, the door slams, and floor falls from beneath Digoria.

She splashes into a rushing stream, beneath the castle, but is pulle dupon a dock ba wretch of a goblin. The goblin is unlocking Digoria’s bindings and grumbling to himself. Digoria notices that there is a card table in the corner of the dock area. The goblin hands her a rusty dagger, shouts “No magic!”, and points to the door. Digoria uses her with and asks the goblin if he’d like to see a card trick. The goblin looks away and Digoria stabs him in the eye with the dagger.
The goblin tries to nibmly escape, but the wise Digoria catches him and finishes him off (thought not before tripping over the shackles onthe floor). Digoria decides to take her time looking around and finds a key affixed to the underside of the table. She also notices tha thte channel is large enough that the table can pass through and she decides to take her chances with the waterway rather than what might be behind the door the goblin was pointing at.

It is dar, but the tiefling can see well, however, her perception lacks and she does not notice a string tha tis pulle by the moving of the table. A trap springs and the gate at the end of than channel begins to close. Digoria spring from the floating table and swims wtith the current, narrowly slipping through the gate before it closes!

Digoria falls over a short waterfall and finds herself swimming in a huge and relatively well lit alcove. “This must be the other side of the mountain”, she thinks to herself. Digoria’s perception is much better in the light and she spots a long row boat along the side of the cavern and there appears to be a chest in it. There is another door slightly ajar near a small outcrop of rock by the boat and a cavernous mouth beyond that. Digoria is still tiread and weak, but swims to the boat and climbs in.

She finds that the key from under the table unlocks the small chest in the boat wher she finds an asosrtment of magical components, probably being brought to Ellion by the goblin. She hears the galloping of soft feet and claws from behind the door and readies a spell. The feet stop and she goes to investigate the door. A Worg lunges at her! She gets a few good knife slashes in, but the Worg lands solid bites and pins her down. Ellion beckons from down the hall and the Worg retreats. Ellion approaches the doorway, motions with his hand, and Phage errily and with a slithering walk returns Digoria’s sickle and a rapier to her.

Digoria quickly attacks with a thunderwave, knocking an unamused Ellion down the hall, Phage into the water, and stunnign the Worg. She quickly fires magic missiles to kill the Worg. As Phage climbs out of the water, Ellion brings Digoria to her knees with a Witch Bolt. Defeated, Digoria agrees to go on the misison with Phage. However, Digoria’s thunderwave had caused a slight avalanche to fall from the ceiling. Ellion fires some magic missiles to scatter the falling rocks. A sailing ship is revealed, hung upside down on the cavern’s roof. Ellion grabs some items from the chest in the row boat, and blows dust into the air.

The ship turns and settles in the cove. The ship is manned by 20 skeletons. Phage boards first, followed by Digoria, then Ellion. Ellion motions for a group of skeletons to bring forth a large chest from the ship and open it. Some skeletons move two cloth bundles and bring one to Phage and the other to Digoria.
Inside the wrapping Digoria finds a ring of water walking. Ellion makes a comment about “a captain needing to stay afloat at all costs.” Digoria smiles smugly in Phage’s direction and sticks out her tongue. Phage postures and hisses back while ripping off her wrapping. She has been given a ring of warmth, strewn on a chain to wear around her neck. Ellion remarks, “… and it’s a first mate’s duty to keep a captain in check.” Phage smiles mischeviously as she also finds that she has been given a pair of gauntlets of ogre power, specially fitted for her claws.

Lastly, Digoria unwraps a Mempo of Twilight. Ellion states that wearing that particular helmet grants the wearer the loyalty of the crew of The Entropy Tide.
He cautions that “since the ship was used to wage wars between realms centireies ago, it has been known to tangle and warp the minds of its crew and passengers.”
Ellion then bids the “Sisters of Chaos” to sail to the Northern Highlands to rally his army to bring chaos and disorder to the mountainous villages as he says, “They’ve grown soft and comfortable and need stirring.”

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