~30 Years before present day

A wandering mortal mage (wizard) of unknown and questionable origins, but of great power abandons a child after the child appears to have been sired by an ice demon. The child is raised by pirates who sail The North Shores and make their living raiding goblin caves deep within the mountian walls before seeking refuge in the open sea.

Digoria's Mother

A young tiefling –still a child, but old enough to hold her own – and her icey sorcery and manipulation of dark ethers and night vision prove useful to scavengers, theives, rogues, and outcasts. For target practice she kills 3 goblins, though with a bit of struggle.

The tiefling (a young Digoria) is sent to explore a cave where she finds two giant spiders attacking a polar bear. The spiders heavily wound Digoria, but the polar bear attacks and kills one spider and together the take the other. Apparently Digoria’s charisma saved face with the bear. She decides to rest for the night, with the bear for safety.

Early in the morning Digoria is joined by the pirate chief (Azenar) and his first mate (Defarus). Together they plan to attack a Hendurn-like Ice Witch, a banshee perhaps, who is guarding treasure. Down the caverns they go to an opening in a wide cavern where, indeed, lies the Ice witch.

Azenar and Defarus move in to flank the Ice Witch while an extra rogue crewman launches a sneak attack. The crewman’s hit lands, but he is quickly frozen as The Witch retaliates and in her rage shatters his frozen body. Azenar and Defarus try to avenge their mate and fight and honorable battle and are able to somewhat contest The Ice Witch, but ultimately meet their end as well.

night ice hag

The Ice Witch turns her attention to Digoria, but her bear friend sacrifices himself to block the attack. An icey cat and mouse game ensues as The Ice Witch abandons her ice spear for darts in attemtpt to hit the shifty young sorcerer. There is an armageddon of icey shrapnel from frozen magic missles and ice darts flying through the air.

Digoria is severely wounded and about to die, but remembers she had just leanred a new spell; Chromatic Orb. Digoria summons the last of her energy and hurls a giant frozen orb at The Witch. Underestimating the young mage eventually proved fatal for long-feared Banshee Witch as, alas, there emerged a new Ice Queen from Under the Mountain.

Digoria returnes to her pirate friends, and leaves the treasure, gold, rubies, and all loot from within the banshee’s cavern to them; save one item… The Ice Banshee’s Quarterstaff.

After a very long rest, Digoria wakes to the sounds of the crew arguing about who should be captain of the ship. They say that they “don’t want a child, let alone a she-devil” to be their leader. Others hail Digoria as the rightful victor to take reign of the ship. Mutiny is brews and tempers flare. Five of the crew members square off against Digoria and two of them defend her! The aiding crewmen are killed, but take two of the attackers with them. Digoria is able to take on of the crewmen herself, but still weary from her battle with The Ice Banshee, becomes badly wounded.

When all seems lost, the ship is allerted of an approaching Sea Serpent. Fortunately the se best is disadvantaged at this range due to the ship’s cannons.
The remaining crew panic and hurry to arm the ships cannons. The Serpent bites the stern of the ship as the ship tries to make distance. The cannons fire! Significant damange is done to the dragon, but it retaliates with fire breath which sets the ship ablaze. Fortunately there’s an ice mage on board to buy the ship more time in combat. The cannons fire again, stunning the dragon and allowing the ship to gain some distance.

While the Serpent chaces, the crew load all four of the ships cannons.. and wait. When the dragon strikes, all four cannons are fired at once. However, one cannon backfires and explodes on the ship! The other three are direct hits! With only a few crew members left, the ship must choose to flee. They have range and speed on the Sea Serpent. Digoria loads one of the cannons herself as the Serpent tries to catch up. Unfortunately, the ship is slowed by its limited crew and heavy damage and the Serpent will surely finish them if something doesn’t happen soon.

However, Digoria imbunes each of the cannon balls with one of her magic missiles. BOOM goes the snowball! While the Serpent attacked the ship Digoria pushes a few of the crewmen overboard which distracts the Serpent from the ship. It buys Digoria enough time to agian ready the cannon, but she does not have enough energy to prive another round of magic missiles. Not to mention, the last handful of crew mwmbers aren’t too happy with her for murdering some of their friends.

The Sperpent’s aggression slows and it brings it’s maw close to the only loaded cannon. Wisdom, it seems, has not impeeded this particular dragon’s hubris.
A Ray of Frost propelled cannon shot lands squarely! Wounded, but still with the upper hand, the Sea Dragon coils the ship. It seems the ship is lost as the Sea Dragon faces Digoria and five stowaway traveling warriors. Soldiers at best, magic-less humans at worst.

However, they bravely defend the young girl on board, selflessly attacking the beast. While their intentions are noble and their battle just and their swords swung true, they all ultimately meet their fate at the teeth of the Sea Beast. The Dragon snarled and breathed what seemed to be a kiss of death engulfing what remained of the ship in flames. Alas, there stood a tiefling, shrouded in ice and unscathed by the inferno; due to her demonic heritage. Enraged, the Dragon bellowed again as Digoria fired a final frozen cannon blast down the Sea Dragon’s throat. The beast lay slain aboard a sinking ship.

Land is not too far away, a mile or two. While still young, Digoria is experienced enough at sea to find a piece of floating debris and drift to shore. However, before she departs the wreckage she draws a dagger, and removes one of the Sea Dragon’s teeth. “This will make a fine hilt for my dagger.”


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