I’ve long been a fan of classic pen and paper RPGs. Nothing beats classic D&D, but I’ve recently picked up Marvel Heroic Roleplaying again and started a solo campaign featuring Metal Gear Solid’s Raiden crossed into the Marvel (comic) Universe. If you’re familiar with both MGS and Marvel, then watching the MGS4 cutscene with Raiden versus several “Gekkos” looks an awful lot like taking down some early era Sentinels.

Here’s a link to Raiden’s Data File. There’s a page for his XP log, so you can regress all the way to the MGS4 state that I started in. It isn’t an exact match, but some things had to be proportionate to other characters and their respective compromises between comic feats and MHRP stat sheets.

Framing the Crossover

After the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, Raiden returns to “civilian life.” He begins working for private militarized “security companies.” (Similar to the start of Metal Gear Rising) However, he finds employment under Tony Stark who sends him on errands and security detail for situations that are deemed unowrothy of Iron Man’s attention. Raiden eventually finds out about Stark’s (prior) support of “the War Economy” and the two have a falling out. Naturally, many villains find the market for Private Military Companies (thematic in MGS4 and MGR) convenient and profitable.

Some classic Metal Gear characters also make nice parallells to the Marvel Universe:

Vamp and Morbius

Armstrong and Sebastian Shaw (video)

Solid Snake and The Punisher

And Norman Osborn is a dead ringer for a pawn of The Patriots (ala Liquid Snake / Revolver Ocelot / Liquid Ocelot)

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