Release Notes 2017-11-05


Pull Request 4 was made earlier this week which offered several improvements including backwards compatibility with Python 2. Previously Python 3.6+ was required due to the use of secrets(). Pull Request 3 implemented secrets, but the discussion in Pull Request 4 shows the conclusion that only the random tools embeded in secrets() were being used, rather than all of its functionality.

The merger of Pull Request 4 also bring the following fixes from @Kronuz:

  • PEP 8
  • Added missing variable
  • Correct misspellings
  • Using random with system’s PRNG if possible
  • Package configuration setup in

I made another push today that includes NPC classes in the character creation function. Essentially this allows you to select from 35 NPC classes when building a charcter / NPC. Creating an NPC is otherwise identical to creating a player character. This is because “stock values” for standard NPCs are avaialble in many online bestiaries and in the Monster Manual.

Specific features may be added in the future, but it would take a large time commitment, though not too much difficulty to add the default stat blocks for each NPC class.

See also the corresponding Google+ post

rakudo-star / star-meta

There have been many, many, many, many issues with getting Rakudo Star to build properly. This has been most frustrating as both rakudo and rakudo-git have been building and installing fine.

Discussions on the Rakudo Star AUR page and discussed issues on GitHub have both lead to the suggestion of a meta-package. Recent points made in the AUR discussion indicate that this is also the suggestion from upstream (since they seem to be neglecting the issue).

At any rate, fortunately a zef package already exists in the AUR so making a meta package only required a post install script that used Zef to install the modules included in Rakudo Star (listed here).

So, today marks the release of star-meta, a meta package that pulls down the additional Perl6 modules found in Rakudo Star.

The rakudo-star package will continue to exist in the AUR and on my GitHub page for the time being, though they may be removed in the future.

See the corresponding Google+ post

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