Though I don’t work in IT, I try to make contributions to the Open Source community where I can. In recent months that has centered largely on support and development for running Arch Linux on the Asus X205TA.

The machine has a 32 bit boot loader for a 64 bit system. This means that the Arch ISO (as shipped from the devs) will not work. It requiressome tuning to get GRUB to boot as well manuall addition of wireless drivers and enabeling their kernel module.

However, I done the leg work and compiled a custom ISO image for thismachine. All you should need to do is:

1) Download the linked ISO.

2) Make a partition on a thumb drive > format it to FAT32 > label the device ARCH_201606 (may vary according to future version of the ISO).

3) Write the ISO to the USB (/dev/sdXY) with unetbootin or rufus.

4) Reboot your machine > hammer F2 > boot the USB.

5) Connect to your network with # wifi-menu and proceed to install as per usual.

The linked ISO does not include manually added wireless drivers as they appear patched into the upstream. If this does not work, see the shell script I’ve made.

Also note that I will try to make updated ISOs. That means the above link will likely break as I only have limited Google Drive storage. However, you can check my publicly shared folder for updated ISO versions.

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