Urxvt is an awesome terminal emulator for it’s light weight, power, and customization. However, you may miss simple and convenient ctrl + v pasting that more cumbersome terminals provide. Thankfully there are several options available!

Built In Functions:

After reading the man page documentation I found out that Urxvt does accomodate this.

  • Copy

Check your window manager’s MOD key. That is what the man page refers to as the Meta key. To copy, highlight the text you want to copy and simply middle click the mouse.

  • Paste

There are two options here, either Shift + instert or *Control

  • Mod/Meta + v*

Perl Scripts / Extensions:

I won’t take credit for what’s not mine, but you can use xclip and perl to use the more common Control + v pasting option (instructions here).


  • selection-to-clipboard:

This option tells Urxvt to move what it selects to CLIPBOARD (so what you copy from the terminal you can also paste in it, or elsewhere). In your ~/.Xresources find the URxvt.perl-ext-common: line and add selection-to-clipboard

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