A short post here to highlight some of SLiM’s configuration options. SLiM is a lightweight and easily customizable display manager. It’s responsible for starting the x window environment on login. (More about display managers)

Quick Note: The Arch Wiki gives a warning about SLiM’s compatibility with systemd. However, I’ve never had an issue that was directly related to SLiM.

The config file in qustion is: /etc/slim.conf. The configuration file has pretty good descriptions of the options, so I’ll just go over some of my favorites here.

  • numlock

This is a simple option that you’ll probably want so that you don’t hvae to manually do it either for login password entry or during regular use.

  • default_user

This will save a second or two of not having to manually enter your username at login. Relevant if you have a single user system.

  • current_theme

The default theme is pretyt hideous in my opinion, so… The archlinux-themes-slim package contains several clean good looking themes. After installing the package, the themes are stored in /usr/share/slim/themes. Set the current_theme option to the theme’s name listed in the above directory.

  • auto_login

This is a convenient option for single user systems who might encrypt an entire system.
You wouldn’t want this if you’re only encrypting /home (because what’s the point then) or if there are multiple users on the system.

  • login_command

Given your circumstances, you may want to have a certain program or shell script run upon login. This is where you would enter that.

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