It is a strange life dirtbagging and drifting. Every town is the same, the faces change, but it’s the same scene everywhere.

You walk into this restaurant
strung out from the road
and you feel the eyes upon you
as you're shakin' off the cold

I’ve mentioned before that dirtbagging is a lonely path, but it has brought up some interesting perspectives when I think of how I interact with other people.

For starters, it has made me increasingly frustrated with the “regular world” after learning to live simply or at least to live differently (an exceptional way some may say – an exception to everyone else). A feeling I used to have when thinking about tabloids and mid-day celebrity sleaze talk shows has now spread like cancer to everything from home decor to household and tech-toy gizmos and gadgets. Why? What is that stuff doing for you? Chances are.. nothing! Not unless you do something with it. That brings us right back to the point of investing in experiences rather than accumulating more stuff.

I’ve also, forcibly, grown more fond of and grateful for relationships and people that matter to me — or have made themselves that way. That is, not just any random human contact, but contact in a rich and meaningful way. I’m very thankful to have friends and family who still keep in touch and / or come visit me on this journey. I’m also intrigued by those who do not. It is not saddening to me, it simply is and can’t have been any other way. At times of drastic change in degree and volume of interaction (moving, leaving a job, graduating school, etc…) it always surprises me who “keeps in touch” and who doesn’t. You find out pretty quick how one-sided or reciprocal a relationship is when a sudden and drastic shift occurs. What relationships matter enough to the other that they’ll continue to nourish the connection?

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