Kernel / Source Changes:

Oreo 8.1.0:

Pie 9.0:

After checkin with some other developers. The Oreo version should be compatible with Android 9.0 Pie. There are a couple things I’m tyring to work in to ensure that this is the case such as: setting SELinux as permissive (see potential patch by AdrianDC), double checking that safety net is off and dm-verity is off.

  • Testing builds removed to rebase from latest Oreo build
  • Will focus on pie once oreo security releases stop
  • the sources are still open if someone can tell me what to patch in order to be compatible with Pie
  • development versions: 20181211-{02,03,04}: testing permissive selinux (anykernel)

Again, if there are any issues, please reach out on the kernel’s Telegram channel. For future plans (by request) I’ll look into file based encryption (FBE) and BBS and EIS. Of course, any security patches that we continue to recieve will be included as well.

Download: v20181221 from Android File Host

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