Kernel / Source Changes:

  • reset to August 2018 to troubleshoot
  • readded maple i/o sched
  • readded sioplus i/o sched
  • readded state notifier from electron kernel (required for HIMA hotplug)
  • readded hima hotplug driver
  • readded wireguard support
  • readded wake gestures
  • retro removed:
    • Qualcom / Quick Charge changes
    • clean cache driver
  • September security patch (source, bulletin)
  • October security patch (source, bulletin)
  • hima enabled by default, can be disabled in /sys/kernel/hima_hotplug
  • November security patch (source, bulletin): I was thrown off by a typo in the commit message (in source) that dated the patch October 2018.1, however, the release nubmer (OPM7.181105.004) matches the Factory Image number for November 5, 2018.
  • Wake gestures are working, but tempermental on boot. They can still be manually set via ADB or Kernel Auditor and work fine.

Anykernel / Testing Version Summaries:

  • 20181101:
    • early testing: reset to August 2018 release for testing, recorrected vibration strength in Spectrum ‘performance’ profile, per profile brightness settings
    • v07: reset to Franco Kernel r76 anykernel settings for testing
    • v08: rename Franco Kenrel files to Savagezen
    • v09: test spectrum support (no profiles, fk profiles working)
    • v10: test specturm profiles (root access issues with sepctrum app), disable core control and therma by default, disable big cores at boot time (XDA thread, source)
    • v11: testing misc. ramdisk settings, enable fingerprint boost, enable backlight dimmer, 20% volume gain, double checking thermal and core control, some wakelocks from Electron Kernel
    • v12: testing permission settings for fingerprint boost, backlight dimmer, and volume gain
    • v13: full wlan wake locks from Electron Kernel, disable fsync, enable dt2w
    • v14: botched version of resetting anykernel to Electron Kernel for testing
    • v15: usizng Savagezen zImage wiht Electron Kenrel anykernel (differnt methods in to pack/repack ramdisk changes)
    • v16: as of v15 fsync, screen dimmer, fingerprint boost, volume gain, and wake gestures working but not on boot; naming convention re-established, reapplied BLOD prevention, reapplied FKU profiles, reapplied launch latency value (Franco Kernel, reapplied KSM changes (Franco Kernel)
  • 20181124:
    • v01: November security patch
    • v02: Reset to Electron Kernel v15 anykenrel for testing, everything working except dt2w on boot
    • v03: rename electron files to savagezen, removed Electron specific ramdisk changes, disabled thermal throttle, remove permissions for dt2w and use kernel auditor method to set
    • v04: reapplied BLOD prevention, reapplied modified late-fs settings from Franco Kernel, reapply FKU profile support, reapplied dalvik launch latency, 20% volume gain
    • v05: adjust permissions for wake gestures, personal spectrum profiles added and now include volume gain per profile, android version check
    • Potential Future Features (to investigate from Electron Kernel): zSwap, shadow schedulling, pdesire audio

Installation Notes:

While ironing out several kinks over the last couple months, I’ve found the best practice for installing kernels to be:

  • TWRP
  • Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Dalvik / ART Cache and Cache
  • Install > flash kernel
  • Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Dalvik / ART Cache and Cache
  • Reboot System

Extra Goodies:

Get Notification for New Releases (via IFTTT applets):

Developer Notes:

Patching in Security Updates:

  • cherry-pick merge commits need -m option, specifcying parent branch to merge
  • may need to modify some files to exclude commit message(s)

AOSP Notes:

Manifest Changes:
- AOSiP Apps:
  - MusicFX
  - Settings
  - OwlsNest (edit in build/target/product/
  - MusicFX
  - Launcher3
- Kerenel (device/huawei/angler-kernel); see script to pull
- init files (device/huawei/angler/init.angler.rc); see script to pull
  - import
  - import init.spectrum.rc
  - import

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