• What’s New:
    • September 2018 Security Patch
    • Wireguard support
    • Hima Hotplug driver (from Sphinx Kernel, see notes below)
    • Added I/O Schedulers: sioplus, maple
    • Added Wake Gestures (broken, see below)
    • Enabled Clean Cache driver
    • AnyKernel - enabled laptop mode, disabled some wlan wakelocks, fsync disabled, set wakelock gesture permissions, enable backlight dimmer
    • Spectrum Profiles - corrected vibration strenghts, per profile brightness settings
  • Forgot to Mention Features:
    • Power Efficient Workques
    • State Notifier
    • Tickless System / Idle
    • Gentle Fair Sleepers
  • Ongoing Features:
    • Open Source
    • forked from Franco Kernel
    • zipped with AnyKernel(also open source)
    • Merged Linux Stable upstream 3.10.108
    • I/O Schedulers: fiops, zen, noop (default)
    • TCP algorithms: Bic, Cubic, Htcp, Hybia, Vegas, veno, Westwood (default), Reno
    • Fk Features: disabled verified boot flag for Android Pay (root still breaks), support for FKUpdater performance profiles, support for FKUpdater App (not verified as I don’t use the app myself), KCAL tweaks in init script.
    • Reduced wifi wakelocks and wakelock period
    • Removed possible bluetooth memroy leak
    • KCAL color control support
    • KCAL brought to Linux guidelines
    • Spectrum profile support: 30 profiles from around the web included in source code.
    • Touchboost disabled in spectrum profiles
    • Filesystem support: F2FS, EXT4, VFAT, NTFS
    • MSM Hotplug Driver (disabled by default)
    • Fingerprint boost (from Electron Kernel)


*See notes below regarding testing builds and Android 9.0 (Pie)

HIMA Hotplug

This has been added by request, however it is disabled in the kernel config by default. The necessary files to enable and configure the driver are still included. E.G. it is turned off by defualt, but you can change and configure the driver via the files in /sys/kernel/hima_hotplug via ADB.

Quick Charge Request / UTM

Quick charge support was also requested. I have refverted the file / driver (qpnp-smbcharger.c) to it’s prior state before QC was disabled (see this commit in the upstream). User reports suggest no change in amperage, though the “charging slowly” text does not appear when doing so. Additionally, there was an Xthermal Mod developed to support fast charging, but development for that stopped prior to Oreo (Android 8.0). However, a Unified Thermal Mod project was taken up to incorporate both fast charging and tweaked thermal settings. I had contemplated including this in the kernel via AnyKernel, but decided to leave it at the user’s discretion to flash or not.

Wake Gestures

I have cherry-picked the commit enabling sleep to wake / sleep gestures for the Nexus 6P, however, I’ve gotten different results depending on which kernel I pick from – which makes little sense since all cases are cherry-picks from the same originally authored commit. At any rate, the sweep gesture options to not appear in Kernel Auditor, and modifying the settings in /sys/android_touch/ appears to have no effect. I will continue to work on this in the future. If this feature is a must, there does exist a fork of Franco Kenrel that includes wake gestures.

Pie and Testing Versions:

Pie development is on hold. I want to get everything (wake gestures) working on Oreo first. The Nexus 6P still has one more month of scheduled monthly security patches. So, while we still have official support, I will continue to develop for Android 8.1.0. This will allow time for Pie (9.0) ROMs such as StatiXOS to stabilize and community support to build before trying to convert the kernel to a newer version – in which case support (from me) for 8.1.0 will stop. If you absolutely can’t wait, download the angler-kernel-pie-testing.zip, but be cautioned that I offer no offical support at this time. For each Oreo and Pie testing versions, see the angler-oreo and angler-pie branches of my AnyKernel repo and download the corresponding zip file (e.g. angler-kernel-oreo-testing.zip)

Battery Shutdowns:

I’m on my second Nexus 6P and have again been plagued by random battey shutdowns. So, I’m asking for donations to fund a new battery. This would greatly aid in my willingness to continue development before upgrading. A new battery costs less than $15. Divided by the 359 downloads last month’s release alone had that’s less than $0.05 / download. So, if this kernel is worth a nickel to you, Click to Donate. Thanks!

Need Help / Want to Request Fetures?

See the XDA Thread for this kernel. I will not respond to support / feature requests on this site. It is just easier to have all things related to this kernel / device in one place.

Notes / References:

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