UPDATE 6/12/17:  I have encountered boot errors with the kernel when init / ramdisk changes are applied.  Some kernel versions boot properly, the performance profiles are not applied approrpiately and sometimes lead to overheating issues.  Please stay tuned while I work on the issues over the weekend.  Thanks!

Working Versions:
- 201802 and prior

Savagezen’s Angler Kernel:

The kernel source has not changed. However, of note, the oreo-m3-release branch from CopperheadOS/kernel_huawei_angler has been removed. I have not been able to track down the reason for this. As such I will be considering moving to a different base kernel that is update more often. The last push to the current CopperheadOS branches was almost one year ago (September 2017).

This month brings two releases (download links below) with differnet init / governor (Interactive) profiles. The sz variant features my “battery saving” profile which replaces the previous “balanced” profile as the default. The fk variant uses the Franco Kenrel Power Profile. A statistical comparison will come to follow:

  • links removed due to broken kenrel, see above note

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