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2018-02 build with upstream merge from CopperheadOS is available for download here. Feature list remains unchanged (see original release post).


As of late I have personally been using the stock OTA images as I’ve had issues building a flashable zip for AOSP. make dist resulted in this post ond G+. The regularly make process appears to work fine, so I assume the images (system/vendor/boot) will flash fine (ala fastboot). However, it would be nice if I had a working updater script, which I haven’t been able to finagle – even with make updatepackage.

Angler ROM / Austin’s ROM

Inherited .zip / update package issues from Pure AOSP (above). For a time I considered moving from an AOSP base to CopperheadOS, however that seemed to overcomplicate things (for my development skill level as of now) and it is just easier to rely on (at least some) Google Services. However, I will once again consider CopperheadOS if I continue to have issues with the straight AOSP.

In addition I plan to include my personalized kernel (above) in the ROM build. There also several apps (available in the Play Store) that I want to include to be build from source (they are open source). These would replace some of the “dinosaur” apps included in AOSP – though those apps are rock solid and work fine.

Apps for consideration include:

  • Duck Duck Go
  • Etar
  • Lawnchair Launcher
  • Leafpic
  • Phonograph

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