Old Business:

I have had less time than anticipated to work on development as it is a hobby for me and not my professional field. As such I haven’t made any progress towards ROM compilation or significant contributions to existing kernel devleopment.

However, for my own interests, I have continued to bulid AOSP every month corresponding with security patch updates.

What’s New?

My individual Nexus 6P projects (aFlash Kernel, Austin’s ROM, and Pure / Just AOSP ROM) have been condensed into a single repository, angler. This is simply easier to maintain for the time being.

My monthy builds are hosted on and available for download from Mega.

  • Pure / Just AOSP: This is exactly what it says. These are pure AOSP built images with the latest security patch. I havne’t had time to fiddle with updater scripts and the like, but can still host the built images I use for myself. these can be downloaded to your device and flashed via TWRP or, from your PC using fastboot. Download: boot.img, system.img, vendor.img
  • aFlash Kernel 2071-09-16: Built from Flash Kernel 8.0.0 and patched with my personalized kernel settings. Download: aFlash Kernel


  • Project Fi vendor issues (OPR6.170623.013): There is a vendor mismatch with this build series. Startup is fine when images are flashed as per usual (TWRP or fastboot), but there are many force close issues (I experienced it primarily with the camera and systemUI). This is due to an 8.0 branch exisiting in the AOSP tree for the Nexus 6P, but the vendor binaries that were released were stated explicitly to be NOT FOR FI. I built it anyway to see what would happen. The issue seems to be resolved when I rebuilt with the OPR6.170623.017 branch.
  • Open GApps does not yet support Android 8.0, but I was able to find another GApps build that works as well. Download it here.
  • I also recommend flashing Gladiac’s build.prop fix after flashing the ROM images.
  • This is also a good time to check your TWRP version and SuperSU version.

Going Forward:

The current status of my angler projects is very sustainable as they involve no more than uploading / sharing the software I complile for myself on a monthly basis.

Happy flashing!

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