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After reading those, proceed below at your own risk.

1) Head over to XDA Forums and scower through the treads on either N6P Original Android Development or Android Development until you find a ROM that suits your interests.

2) Each thread should have a download section where you can download the and a compatible version of You will want these on your phone. I prefer opengapps (that’s ARM64 / 6.0 for the Nexus 6P) Pico Version which only installs the Play Store and allows me to add other things as desired.

3) Next, reboot into recovery mode. Before flashing the ROM and Gapps you’ve downloaded, you’ll need to backup and wipe your system (whilst leaving the internal storage intact).

To backup:
Before doing this, remember to have disabled you're lockscreen pin otherwise you will not be able to access your OS in the event that you have 
to restore from the backup. (If you forget, there are workarounds posted on XDA Forums)

Navigate through TWRP's menu to the backup section.  The important things here are Boot, System, Vendor, and Data.
To wipe:
Go back to the TWPR home screen > Wipe > Advnaced > Check System, Data, Cache, Dalvik / ART.

4) Now you’re ready to install the .ZIPs. Tap Install on the TWRP home screen, navigate to the .ZIPs you’ve downloaded, and swipte to install them. You’ll be given an option to wipe the dalvik / cache before rebooting, which is generally good practice (it wipes the ROMs app cache and gets repopulated at boot).

That’s it! Since this was a short post, here are some goodies to look into:

I’m also planning to post reviews of ROMs I try. Tentatively, you can view my master raw data spreadsheet on Google Drive. We should all know by now that synthetic benchmarks should be taken with a grain of salt, so I won’t harp on that or the hundreds of possible Governor / IO combinations for each each ROM. Not to mention the sheer time to test real-world battery usage and such. Perhaps, though, after I find a few favorites, I’ll do some more in depth analyzing.


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