Firstly, read Part 1 (unlocking bootloader) and Part 2 (flashing custom recovery) before proceeding at your own risk.

1) Download SuperSU Stable or SuperSU Beta (I chose beta)

2) If you downloaded it on your computer, rembmer you can send the file via USB / ADB, like so:

$ adb /path/to/ push /sdcard/Download/

3) Boot into recovery:

$ adb reboot recovery

4) In TWRP, tap Install and navigate to the SuperSU you downloaded and swpie to flash.

5) When prompted, Wipe Dalvik / Cache

I chose to make another backup here and, once booted to a live system, send the backups to Google Drive. That way they’re easy enough to access, but not hogging up space on the phone itself. I also chose to make a backup here so that I have one of completely stock system and a stock + root system.

6) Finally, reboot the system.

Now, continue to Part 4 which will quicly cover flashing ROMs (which is very similar to the steps already covered).


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