Growing tired of my Verizon bill, I did some looking into Google’s Project Fi. As of this writing Google’s MVNO combining Sprint, T-Mobile, and WiFi networks is still invitation only. I requested such an invitation and a few days later Google obliged the request.

After about a week of weighing the pros and cons I decided that even with footing the bill for a Huawei Nexus 6p and my early termination fee from Verizon (yet to be confirmed), I’d still save a couple hundred dollars over the next two years. That won’t change your life, but if I cut you a check for $100 on the first of the year for no reason, you’d probably enjoy it. True enough, I am would be elligible for a free upgrade from Verizon in late September, but I’m not convinced Samsung or LG are going to offer anything that takes the Nexus 6p out of the “best flagship debate.”

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There are a lot of benchmark and stat comparisons on the web already (vs SGS6 Edge+ and vs iPhone 6s+), but benchmarks have long since lost their relevance with the never ending hardware race and all. Not to mention the need for more power to push through all that bloatware (*cough!) That said, I’ve already started collecting data on my, by now archaic, HTC One Remix to compare service coverage. I’ll also plan on collecting real world usage stats (battery, coverage, data speed, etc…) on a publicly shared Google Drive spreadsheet.

To say the least, I’m pretty excited! Not only am I getting a HUGE upgrade in hardware, but I always get a little giddy when I get a chance to “stick it to the man.” Thanks to a couple useful reviews of Project Fi from this article on Engadget and this one on Android Central I decided that I met the criteria for the benefiting / target audioence (single line, low data usage).

Most of all I’m exciteded to hop back on XDA and go root wild again! (Yes, that’s another stab at Verizon for locking boot loaders — might as well mention the lack of hotspot functionality too!).

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